Dr. Mindy Ward


Internal Medicine Physician

Dr. Mindy Ward is a Board-Certified Internal medicine physician, dedicated to personalized and
comprehensive healthcare within the concierge medicine model. Dr. Ward grew up in a small town in southwest Missouri and attended Missouri State University for her undergraduate
degree.  She went on to obtain her medical degree from Kansas City University Medical School in Kansas City, Missouri. Her journey into concierge medicine was driven by a deep-seated commitment to redefining the patient-doctor relationship, emphasizing accessibility, proactive health management, and unparalleled attention to detail.

Dr. Ward’s passion for medicine was ignited early in life. She pursued graduate studies with a focus on biology and human physiology, laying a solid foundation for her future medical career. After graduating from medical school, she embarked on her residency in internal medicine at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, where she honed her clinical skills and developed a profound understanding of complex medical conditions.

Dr. Ward’s transition to concierge medicine was a natural evolution, driven by her desire to provide a higher level of personalized care and forge lasting partnerships with her patients. In this innovative practice model, she ensures that each patient receives ample time during appointments, fostering open communication and a deep understanding of their medical
histories and individual concerns. This approach allows Dr. Ward to not only diagnose and treat acute and chronic illnesses but also to emphasize preventive care and lifestyle management, empowering her patients to achieve optimal health and well-being.

Dr. Mindy Ward exemplifies the principles of compassionate care, medical expertise, and patient advocacy that define the concierge medicine practice. Her dedication to fostering
strong doctor-patient relationships and delivering personalized healthcare solutions has earned her the trust and admiration of her patients. Dr. Ward remains steadfast in her mission to
provide unparalleled medical care that exceeds expectations and enhances the lives of those
she serves.

Beyond her clinical practice, Dr. Ward remains actively engaged in the community around her. She enjoys spending time with her three children and her husband. Dr. Ward stays active by running, biking, and lifting weights.