Reed Medical Group


In March of 2022, James W. Reed III, MD achieved his vision to start his own physician practice. Since then, Reed Medical Group has grown from a one-physician firm to a full-service concierge service with multiple disciplines, including general practice, psychology, and physical therapy. Dr. Reed’s goal is to provide the full scope of family medicine, allowing patients to escape the traditional bureaucratic healthcare system which often prevents personalized patient outcomes.

Today, Reed Medical Group is fully staffed with a clinical and administrative team and serves as a medical partner in the Longboat Key community. RMG is fulfilling the needs for a growing demand of personalized medical care that has not been serviced in Longboat Key and the surrounding areas.


RMG’s main goal is to form partnerships with patients, helping them achieve the best versions of themselves. The physicians and staff at Reed Medical Group take a collaborative approach to the health and treatment plan of each patient. Because RMG has such a diverse expertise of staff and health technology both on site and within its network of referrals, Dr. Reed and his staff can thoroughly manage each patient’s care plan with unsurpassed, personalized excellence.


Dr. Reed is a young, independent physician who has successfully built his own unique model of concierge medicine. He is a Board-Certified Family Medicine physician in Bradenton, Florida with over 8 years of experience. Prior to Reed Medical Groups inception, Dr. Reed served as the lead physician and Medical Director of the Urgent Care Center at Pinnacle Medical Group in Bradenton FL from 2017 to 2021. With over 10,000 patients seen, Dr. Reed has coordinated complex care and has experience across a broad range of clinical settings including Inpatient Medicine, Emergency Departments, ICUs, and of course, Outpatient Centers.

The most important thing you should know when you join RMG, is that our people have compassion and integrity and they have diverse expertise. Our best asset is the fully-staffed administrative and clinical team, whose main goal is to work together to provide you with a full understanding of your care plan. We are proud of our team and of how we work together.


It’s important to Reed Medical Group to serve as a medical ‘partner’ to the full time and part-time residents of Longboat Key and surrounding areas. Along with the personalized concierge care of an individual, Reed wants to play an active, relevant role in the individual’s community. Whether it’s working with other LBK businesses on an imperative cause (RMG helped to provide aid to Hurricane Ian residents of North Port, FL), and serving on special boards (RMG’s Dr. Kathleen “Kitty” Galica serves on the Advisory Board for the Sarasota Salvation Army) – it’s critical to RMG to serve as an active supporter and foundation to the community.